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Patience Opoku 

Patience Opoku is dedicated to providing a wide variety of services. Patience is a strong woman working to give the best to her family, and her supportive children, especially her dearest daughter Abi who has supported her through every journey. Patience strives with ambition and aims towards success by creating articles of clothing and accessories that are not only beautiful but one of a kind using the finest patterns and quality materials 

With over 12 years of experience in sewing and creative fashion design, her goal is to cater to not only the local audience but to the international clientele as well. Patience Opoku is aware that at a time of such economic turmoil, people have the desire to look and feel beautiful. Her desire is to continue creating quality, custom-designed products that provide a fashionable solution for all ages, in any size. 

She believes that with her passion, integrity, dedication, and hard work, when potential clients purchase from Opoku Fashions, they can be assured that they have entrusted their money into the hands of a professional that shares the same needs and desires as they do. Her motivation to become a successful business owner is an individual who believes that honesty should be the cornerstone of any lucrative business.

Patience Opoku has been a woman of many trades in her career. She has been exploring the Gospel music industry and also the distribution of food products. To learn more about her distribution please visit her Distribution page. She has also dedicated herself to gospel music with passion, this has blessed many listening audiences thus far. 

Hard work brings success! Believe in what you can achieve when you put your mind to accomplishing any goal. Never give up, have faith, press on, and work hard and God will see you through the rest.

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